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If you think Three's Company and The Brady Bunch are cult TV shows: hit the back button right now!!  The following cult TV shows stand apart from the regular fare. (Hyperlinks lead to Amazon.com reviews.)

These Cult TV Is:

  • The PrisonerThe Prisoner In the short run of seventeen episodes we have the most creative, thought provoking, and confusing series ever made. Since this series has not been widely seen by the public (I don't even think Sci-Fi cable channel is running it), I feel obligated to give a short synopsis:
    First broadcast in 1967/68, The Prisoner is a secret agent that resigns his position and is subsequently kidnapped and transported to a mysterious seaside resort known as The Village. Surrounded by water and mountains, the residents of The Village are continually monitored and not allowed to escape. Names are not used here, only numbers -- our hero is assigned the number 6. Through the course of the series the head of The Village -- known as Number 2 -- attempts to force Number 6 to answer one question: "Why did you resign"? Number 6's stubborn refusal to answer such a simple question leads to a broader theme for the series: where does the dignity and rights of the individual stand versus the power and desires of the modern democratic state.

    Because the episodes are wound together by a continuing plot thread, and the series had a beginning and dramatic ending, it may be correct to think of it as a big miniseries. With loyal fans staging annual conventions and one college offering a course in the series, people still gather to decipher the meaning of The Prisoner.

  •   The X Files A cop show with a weird twist. Kolchak: The Night Stalker meets The FBI could be the best analogy for the show. Two FBI agents investigating paranormal events and monsters battle their own agency and others in the government that want these things covered up; only a desperate network like FOX could have taken a chance on this show. Some of the episode ideas are taken from today's pop-culture headlines: alien abduction, government cover-up of same, Bermuda triangle, ghosts, toxic gas emitting people, etc.

  •  Lost in Space: this show could only have been produced in the exuberance and ignorance of the early days of manned space exploration. The space ship Jupiter 2 -- carrying the family Robinson -- keeps crash landing on what looks like the same planet week-after-week. After the crash the conniving Dr. Smith takes the role of antagonist -- usually by sells off vital parts of the ship to passing aliens. Since misery loves company, young Will Robinson and The Robot get sucked into these schemes. The rest of the family bear the brunt of these follies as they try to figure out how to get off the planet before it invariably blows up.

Lost in Space



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