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Astro Utilities Mathcad Electronic Book
Notes: v. 2000.2 - Latest full version.
          Current users should use Upgrade below.
Size: 4.20 MB
Install: WinZip self-extracting/InstallShield

DLoadAstro U Upgrade
Notes: v. 2000.2 - Upgrade for users of v2000.0/.1.
          Fixes duplicate DEGDec2SEC() Astro Functions under "Basic Conversions".
          Can now save User Constant entry pages with "annotate book" options.
          Other miscellaneous enhancements.
          Requires prior version.  New installs should download program above.

Size: 1.34 MB
Install: WinZip self-extracting/InstallShield
DownloadDailySunTable Daily Sun Table Excel Spreadsheet
Notes: v 1.0.3 - Latest version.  Bug fix for interpolating Sun's apparent declination at rise. For the most part this will improve the declination result by a fraction of a degree and the rise time by a minute or less.
Size: 177 KB
Install: WinZip self-extracting
DownloadRadial Guider FOV Celestron Radial Guider Field Overlay
Notes: This is a JPeg graphic of 35-mm FOV with Celestron Reducer/Corrector.  Click title for notes on use and scaling.
Size: 73 KB
Install: Right-click icon on left and (IE) "Save Target As..." or (Netscape) "Save Link As... ."  (Don't "Save Image/Picture As" -- you'll only get the button -- not what it is linked to.)


"M-dex" -  Mathcad Index Builder
Notes: v 1.0 - Latest version. For Mathcad 8 only.  Will not generate Mathcad 2000 style index format -- use Mathcad's built-in authoring software instead.
Size: 43 KB
Install: WinZip self-extracting
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Self-Extracting WinZip Installation Instructions                    

  • Click the download link and save the archive to your computer.

  • Double-click the self-extracting archive file saved to your drive and the WinZip Self-Extractor dialog box appears.

  • If the default Unzip-to location is incorrect: click the "Browse..." button and use the Folder navigation dialog to pick a folder to extract the archive to.  Click "OK" when done.  

  • Back in the Self-Extractor dialog box click the "Unzip" button.  The WinZip confirmation box appears when finished; click "OK" to clear it. Select "Close" on the Self-Extractor dialog.


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