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Table of Contents

Quick Start Guide to the Astro Utilities

Start above if you are familiar with Mathcad, navigating through an Electronic Books and understand basic concepts of amateur astronomy. All others should begin with the Background and Info Sections.

Background and Info Sections

Function Sections

How to Use a Mathcad Electronic Book

Your guide to navigating an Electronic Book.

Introducing the Astro UtilitiesLeftPt

Overall description of the Astro Utilities.

Usage NotesLeftPt

Notes on using the Astro Utilities.

Common Amateur Astronomy Terms

Quick reference to commonly used terms.

Input User ConstantsLeftPt

Customize Book with user constants and registration number.

Astro Methods IndexLeftPt

Index to various astronomical calculations.

Astro Function IndexLeftPt

Index of functions that underlie this book, with links to: Function Details, function help, and argument/return type list.


Support and Legal Sections

Web Based ResourcesLeftPt

Web resources including the Astro Utilities homepage.

Technical Support and Shareware Registration

Support questions and registering this shareware.

Terms of Use, License and Warranty

Use of this file implies agreement with this document.

Astro Utilities Electronic Book Copyright 1999 Pietro Carboni. All rights reserved.