Astro Function Arguments

General Type General Type Description
float numbers with or without decimal points
integer whole numbers only -- "float" may work here but is not guaranteed to in the future
mat a matrix.
string characters inside of "quotation marks"
vector one-dimensional row of matrix elements


Argument Type Description
ALT float degrees above horizon
AZIM float degrees clockwise from North
DAY integer days
DAYDec float days
DEC float degrees of declination positive North from celestial equator
DEG integer degrees
DEGDec float degrees
DgMnScMatrix vector one row, three columns of: DEG, MIN, SEC
DyHrMnScMatrix vector one row, four columns of: DAY, HR, MIN, SEC
HR integer hours
HrMnScMatrix vector one row, three columns of: HR, MIN, SEC
IsGREG integer calendar system: 1=Gregorian, 0=Julian, -1=Auto Select
IsMean integer ST time or equinox: 1=Mean ST/Equinox, all else Apparent ST/True Equinox
JC float Julian century count
JD float Julian date count
LASTDec float local apparent sidereal time
LAT float degrees latitude positive North
LONG float degrees longitude positive West
LMSTDec float local mean sidereal time
LSTDec float local sidereal time (mean or apparent)
Max float normalized maximum
MIN integer minutes
MTH integer months
PlanetRow integer row number in PLANMAT matrix: 1 = Mercury
RA float degrees of right ascension (hours of RA*15)
SEC float seconds
StarRow integer row number in STARMAT matrix
Value float numeric to normalize
YR integer years
YRDec float years

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