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The following books served as references for the functions, computational techniques and related explanatory text found in the Astro Utilities.  Click on the links for additional information, reviews and purchasing information. Title links will go directly to that book, author name links display all books by that author.

Astro Utilities Reference

[Resource Code], Title, Author, Publisher
[AA] Astronomical Algorithms, Jean Meeus, Willmann-Bell, Inc., 1991 2nd Printing
[CC] Celestial Computing, David Eagle, self-published, (issue noted in function)
[ESAA] Explanatory Supplement to the Astronomical Almanac, P. Kenneth Seidelmann, University Science Books, 1992
[PAC] Practical Astronomy with Your Calculator, Peter Duffett-Smith, Cambridge University Press, 1979
[S&T] Sky & Telescope, Sky Publishing Corporation, (issue noted in function)
[TAA] The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 1997, US Naval Observatory, US Government Printing Office, 1996
  Mapping Time: The Calendar and its History, E. G. Richards, Oxford University Press,  1998


The following links produce listings of books on subjects related to the Astro Utilities.

Related Books by Subject

Mathcad Celestial Mechanics Cosmology Amateur Astronomy


Location Coordinates

Determine your position on the Earth and enter it in the User Constants page.

  • U.S. Naval Observatory: input U.S. place-name and get rough longitude/latitude and to-the-minute Sun/Moon phenomena data.

  • U.S. Gazetteer: from the Census Bureau yields longitude/latitude for a place and map to fine-tune your location.

Mathcad Support

All Mathcad users should be familiar with these pages.  Keep checking back for the latest updates.

  • Owning Mathcad is not a prerequisite for using the Astro Utilities, just download the latest version of the free Mathcad Explorer from MathSoft at: http://www.mathsoft.com/mathcad/explorer.
  • Users can avoid known problem by installing the latest service packs from MathSoft at: http://www.mathsoft.com/support/support.htm.
  • Search the above support link for answers to your Mathcad questions or post a message to technical support.

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You are encouraged to submit Mathcad sheets and Electronic Books based on the Astro Utilities.  Include Mathcad version number used and a brief description.  Submission implies permission (but no guarantee) to post the item and the authors name on the website.  Send them as attachments to the e-mail address below.


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