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Click the links in the left-hand frame to start a web-browser tour of the Astro Utilities Electronic Book.  You will see static representations of select pages without live equations.  Active links on each page are marked.  Page appearance depends on browser version and settings -- the formatting is tighter in the actual book.  Please note the following:

  • Remember that this Astro Utilities Preview contains only a a representative subset of all the pages available in the actual book. 
  • Grab-and-drag the left-side frame to create more space in this view area.  If viewing is still a problem click here for the non-frames version.  Non-frame pages appear in a new window -- shrink the top window if it gets in the way. 
  • On  most browsers you can save link contents to your computer by right-clicking and choosing a save option from the submenu.
  • The red numbers in parentheses are the approximate page loading times in seconds over a 56.6 kbps modem.  Pages can be large due to the conversion of equations and charts to browser viewable graphics.  Text does show up quickly and gives you a sense o f the page.  Concentrate on the Function and Method Pages if page load times are a problem. 
  • Pairs of striped horizontal bars Get Your Cursor Off of Me! frame Mathcad references (data from other pages) on the original files but show a blank space in this browser view.
  • Active hyperlinks on each page can be reached by clicking the green pointer LeftPt-- not the text.
  • Return to the topmost page in each section by clicking the green globe at the top left of each page .



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