"M-dex" - Mathcad Index Builder

 What is M-dex?                                                                                  

The M-dex freeware program will create the files needed for a "searchable phrase index" in a Mathcad Electronic Book.  It was originally developed to build the search index for the Astro Utilities Electronic Book and is now offered to the public at no charge.


Note: M-dex was designed to work with Mathcad 8.  Recent correspondence indicates that the M-dex file format does not work with E-books written in Mathcad 2000 and later versions.  These later versions of Mathcad have built-in authoring tools.

Before employing this program the user must prepare input files as directed in MathSoft’s "Authoring Electronic Books in Mathcad and StudyWorks" document dated as "rev. 6/99."  M-dex is meant as a replacement for MathSoft newdict.exe program mentioned in that file.  Also see the Handbook (HBK) and Search Index entries in the Astro Utilities and Mathcad FAQ on this site.

 M-dex has the following superior features:                                

  • Handles Mathcad worksheet names with "long filenames."  This means you don't have to stick with the 8-character naming convention required by MathSofts newdict.exe program.  But use underbars '_' in place of spaces in long names -- else you will experience a problem navigating the finished book.  Long filenames will cause problems if your book files are deployed on file-servers that can't handle long names.
  • Output files are automatically given the same name prefix as the Handbook (HBK) file.  You don't have to rename the files when complete as newdict.exe requires.
  • Output files are placed in the same directory as the Index file (TXT) of phrases you constructed for input.  Placing the index file in your book's worksheet directory will cause the output files to be in the correct directory for testing.
  • All errors logged to file -- not just the first one it hits.  No need to copy error messages down; just open this text-format file in any processor. 
  • Graphical interface.  Uses the Windows "file open" dialog to find files by graphically navigating the file structure.  Does not require the old MS-DOS-style command-line interface like newdict.exe.
  • This program can be located anywhere on your system.  Self-contained, M-dex can be moved to any location in your system without worrying about libraries or registry setting.  Newdict.exe on the other hand is required to be in the same directory as the input files. 
  • Concise program usage instructions are embedded in the program.

 System Requirements    

M-dex program is designed to work with 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating systems such as Windows 95/98/NT/2000.  Due to its minimal "footprint", any machine capable of running this operating system should handle this program correctly.


Just download (only 43KB!) and double-click to extract M-dex and associated ReadMe file to the directory of your choosing.


Acknowledge use of M-dex in your book credits and add a link to www.pietro.org.

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