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   Saving User Constant Entry Pages with "Save As"   

These are directions for saving constants on the user constant entry pages for those that have not upgraded to the latest version of the Astro Utilities.  This will prevent the default constants from being written out if you inadvertently open one of these pages.  Follow the illustrated procedure below to overwrite the existing entry page with one modified with your constants.  The license page is used as an example.



This does not apply to Mathcad Explorer users.

Astro Utilities version 2000.3 and latter uses the Book menu items to save changes to these pages.

You can still do an upgrade install (a full will wipe-out your changes) in the future after doing this procedure.

Check Address Bar In the Mathcad Book browser go to the entry page of the constant that needs to be saved. 

 Click the "Address Bar" option under the View menu.

Enter Constant Value Enter the user constant in the place indicated  on the page.
Copy Page URL On the Address Bar select the file path of this page and copy it.  
Enter URL into Save As Dialog Select the "Save As" button or option under File menu and paste the file path from the Address Bar into the "File name" edit box on the dialog.

Hit "Save" button on dialog and overwrite the existing file. 


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