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Version 2000 Upgrades

Modified On Each Upgrade
These files are updated to display the latest version number: "Astro_Utility_Registration.htm", "Astro Utilities.dat", "File_id.diz" and "AstrUT20.hbk"

06/01/2000 Mod 1 Upgrade Changes
Placed link to "Celestial Computing" publication on "Astro_Utility_On_the_Web.htm" page.
Renamed duplicate DEGDec2SEC() function in "" that was causing erroneous results. Note that DgMnSc() - that uses DEGDec2SEC()- was not affected.
"" discusses "PayPal" payment option.
"Astro_Utility_Registration.htm" now contains "PayPal" option.
PayPal logo placed in "HTML Graphics" directory.
"Astro Utility" modified to generate version number.
"" now displays version number.

06/21/2000 Mod 2 Upgrade Changes
Wording changes in ""
Link to U.S.A. street address level longitude and latitude from "Eagle Geocoding" in "Web Based Resources" page ("Astro_Utility_On_the_Web.htm").
Some functions in "Function Index" table ("" page) indicated a "<MAT>" return-type but actually returned floats. This was corrected.
User constants entry pages can now be saved using the annotate book options. Previously these pages could only be saved by choosing "Save As" and overwriting the existing file. They are now included in the handbook (".HBK") file which allows them to be annotated like the rest of the book. Files affected include "", "Astro Utilities Constant", "Astro Utilities Constant" and "Astro Utilities Constant Date". The last three had a name change that replaced blank spaces with underbars "_". Mathcad Explorer users are not affected.
Change to handbook (".HBK") file resulted in new "AstrUT20.dct/rfs" files.
Added "" caution file that displays before user constants input pages in browse sequence.
Modified "Astro Util Copyright Line.gif" in "HTML Graphics" directory.


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