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Current Sun, SOHO Doppler Imager at 6767-Ε

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Auroral Activity Extrapolated from NOAA POES Satellite


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Educational and Reference
Astronomy Basics :: Sky & Tel.     Astronomy Homework Help :: all ages/extensive     Level 5: Dictionary, Catalogues, Databases, + :: research level     International Dark Skies Association :: advocacy    
NASA Kids     StarChild :: primary     Imagine The Universe :: 14-yr + :: kids/teachers    
—Position in Space
Earth Orbit in Space :: graphic     Right Ascension and Declination notes     Ecliptic Longitude / Latitude     Precession Notes     Nutation Notes    
Overview of common terms: UT, ET, DT, + :: Sky & Tel.     Map of World Time Zones :: USNO     delta-T & atomic clock explained     Greenwich Sidereal Time notes     Local Sidereal Times notes     Local Hour Angle and Telescope Alignment notes     Sidereal and UT notes     Sidereal and Local Time notes     Julian and Gregorian Calendars     Julian day count notes    
Weather :: Nighttime USA     Dark-Sky Observing Site Directory      Latitude / Longitude from USA Street Address :: Eagle Geocoding     Latitude / Longitude for World Cities :: Heavens-Above    
—Event Notification
Daily for Month :: Abrams Planetarium     Daily for Week :: Sky & Tel.     Occultation date/time/tips: Stars, Planets and Asteroids :: IOTA     Novae and Variable Star Alerts :: AAVSO    
—Object Location
NASA/JPL Horizons Ephemeris Calc. :: Comets, Asteroids, Planets, +     USNO Data Services :: Moon Phase, Twilight, Eclipses, Seasons, +     Stars for Setting Circle Calibration     NGC-IC Database :: large database of nebulae     Comet Observation Home Page     Pluto :: yearly challenge object     Star Chart for Month :: SkyMaps     Satellite, ISS, Shuttle, Iridium flares passes + :: Heavens-Above    
Software and Computation (General)
Space Flight and Rockets
NASA/JPL Space Flight Basics Manual     Encyclopedia Astronautica :: in-depth rocket/space flight history site     Water Rocket :: hobby rocket    
Equipment Reviews :: Cloudy Nights     Excelsis :: Equipment Reviews     Stolen Equipment List :: Astro. Mall     Celestron 5" SCT :: C5, C5+, G5, and NexStar-5/5i     Anti-Reflection Coating notes :: Edmund    

Book and Media Reviews
Prints and Posters Astronomy Software Great Atlas of the Stars Fundamental Ephemeris Computations Link to Me

Coming of Age Milky Way

Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy


Backyard Astro Guide

Starflight Handbook By Sci.Astro.Amateur's own Mike Covington! Mapping Time

On Tycho's Island


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