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Dec. 28, 2005

    Around the World Added "Borg" NexStar-5. See Matthias Bopp unique setup.


June 7, 2005

Info-5 Links C5/C5+ Manual in Technical Support section straight from Celestron's ftp site.


May 5 & 26, 2005

    Around the World Added interesting "goto" mount alternative for the NexStar-5. See Dennis Steele's unique setup. Also see Fernando López's hybrid C5/NexStar system.


June 17 & 27, 2004

    Images Updates to Thierry Remy images and new image sites.


Sept. 12, 2003

    Images Latest MARS images! in Thierry Remy images.


Feb. 19, 2003

    Around the World Added fascinating Dec. 4, 2002 Total Solar Eclipse report from Australian Outback on James Ellis' page -- highly recommended. 

    Info-5 Links C5+ Drive Base and Circuit (Accessory Reviews) yields a look into the mechanical and computer components controlled by the hand controller of the "white tube" C5/C5+.

    Images Addition of detailed Saturn image (using LRGB method) to More Thierry Remy images.


Sept. 22, 2002

This page has just undergone a major revision in look and location of information. I hope you all enjoy!

    Highlights Extra!: Celestron's struggle to say in business. Message: Corrector plate removal and peeling paint. 

    Quick Specs Note #3.

    Info-5 Links Now on the main page for quick reference! Revised links to manuals, reviews, buying advice, dead (but good) sites -- including hard-to-find archived sites. Help: The essential 5" Usage Notes were given a major update! 

    Around the World Added Tom Nathe's highly modified scope setup. 

    Images Additions to More Thierry Remy images. Broke out James Funkhouser's images onto their own links.