Thierry Remy Images 

 Updated: 06/17/04

NGC 1365"I send you one of my favorite picture NGC 1365" writes Thierry.

This NexStar 5 image was made with the trusty Vesta-Pro webcam  (B&W, 1/4'' chip) 

It is a composition of 166 pictures of 10-sec. 

Taken from Vicuña Chili.

M-3 Globular Cluster

This Vesta-Pro webcam shot was taken in front of the terrace of Thierry's house in Dorans, France. Total exposure was 16-min 40-sec based on 250 images of 4-sec each (best of 600 taken).

Celestron NexStar 5 was in alt-az mode + red MEADE 3.3 

Subtraction of Dark frame
RREGISTER of 263 images
BESTOF/SELECT on the center of image
ADD_NORM of 250 installations
DDP 25000 2 1
UNSHARP 1.5 1 0
Adjustment of thresholds 32500/18000


Celestron NexStar-5 Images

Thierry Remy traveled to a  mountain area of Chile, home to major astronomical observatories, to take these images at the time of the historic close-approach of Mars on August 27, 2003 9:51 UT. These are the same images done with slightly different processing: the one on the left having a "harder" look than the one on the right. I present both here because they give two views of Mars and demonstrate the differing end-results possible in digital processing.
This lovely and large Celestron NexStar-5 image of Mars was taken with a Philips ToUCam Pro webcam near Vicuna, Chile.

Technical Details 
Date/Time: Aug. 27, 2003 from 02h34-to-02h41 UT (ending just 6h10m prior to closest approach).
Red filter W25A
Photoshop software processing with several high pass filters
Exposure: 800 frames at 1/50-sec + single color frame

M-27 Dumbbell Nebula

B&W image made with 152 frames from Vesta-Pro webcam through Celestron NexStar 5" SCT. 
Picture taken in DORANS, France.

Technical Details 

Focal Reducer f/3.3
IRB filter 
IRIS image processing software 
Exposure: 14-min 35-sec total from 152-frames x 5-sec
DDP 1500 10 5 
Resized 80%

M57 Ring Nebula

B&W image made with 175 frames from Vesta-Pro webcam through Celestron NexStar 5" SCT. 
Picture taken in DORANS, France.

Technical Details 

Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer 
IRB filter 
IRIS image processing software 
Exposure: 14-min 35-sec total from 175-frames x 7.5-sec 
DDP 4000 2 1.5 
Colorized with M57 image below
Resized 200%

Detailed image of Saturn.

Taken through the NexStar 5 on January 21, 2003 with a Philips ToUCam Pro webcam attached to a 3x Barlow lens. This resulted in an AVI movie of 1054 images. The system was in alta-azimuth mode: the field rotation due to this setup was corrected by use of a program called ALTAZ.EXE -- by Yann DUCHEMIN.

Technical Details
 IRIS image processing software
Addition of 900 images 
Green layer: unsharp (>UNSHARP 1.5 15 1) 
Photoshop image processing software for LRGB (Luminance Layering) technique (L was the unsharped green layer) 
Reduced picture size by 75%.

M57 Ring Nebula

Images was taken with a Vesta-Pro SC webcam through the Celestron NexStar 5" with f/6.3 focal reducer. The NexStar was simply mounted in alta-azimuth mode.

500 images of 15-seconds exposure were initially made. The final image is the addition of 114 of these. Processing was done with IRIS software. The enlargement is resized 200% for details.

Technical details
Wavelet xy6 
Load x6 
Add y6 y5 (Y4 y4 y3)x3 
RL 10 1 
Sous  Paint Shop Pro 7 : Correction chromatique Black / Préserver saturation 2 fois Correction contraste Plus clair / faible / soutenu Accentuer



Same equipment as M-57 above. Addition of 73 images of 5-seconds and 33 images of 10-seconds. 

Processing is noted on the image.

Thierry sends us this image of M-13, taken with a Celestron C-5 on May 19, 2002. The imager was a Vesta-Pro SC webcam. The result is a combination of 38 images of 10-seconds exposure, with dark frame subtracted. 

Technical details 
IRIS software
Richardson Lucy 15, 1
Unsharp 1.5 1 0
resized 75% 
JPEG compression

This is the same shot of M-13 above, but with different processing. 

Additional Processing details
DDP 800 5 3 
RL 3 0

This photo of Jupiter is a combination of 50-images taken over a 3-minute period on January 5, 2002. The white oval is visible as it nears the Great Red Spot.

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