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Click above for (mostly) science related shopping links.  You'll find toys, kits, collectables, hardware books, software, posters, and more.  Many of the selected items are reviewed to help you decide what is right for you.
Buy gifts for yourself!
For the young budding amateur scientist.
A kaleidoscope for that curious friend... . 

Click above for Astronomy with the following features:
Find what’s currently up in the sky and more in Reference.
Read today's space & astronomy News.
Astro Computing features the "Astro Utilities" E-Book and the "Astro Library."
From C5 to NexStar here is the completely Unofficial Celestron 5” SCT Homepage.

Get Your "Sci-FiX": Discuss your Sci-Fi experience on the web at ScienceFixtion.com
New page for those that enjoy a Sci-Fi "Fix". Our niche will explore the Sci-Fi experiences of fans through: convention reviews, exhibit reviews, reviews of the classics, personal close-encounters (keep it clean!) etx. Click the webmaster link or message board to send me your images, articles and thoughts. Currently you can enjoy my "Cult TV" placeholder article from some years back.

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